Whether it’s watching a pride of lions stalking impala against the setting sun, a baby elephant splashing around a watering hole, or a striped Zebra grazing on the open plains as it watches warily for signs of trouble – an African safari is one of the most exceptional wildlife encounters you’ll ever enjoy. Throw in some nights spent under the starry skies, swapping tales with your new friends around a campfire and you’ve got yourself a truly epic life experience.

When it comes to quality African safaris, Botswana is definitely the hub of all things good. From wetlands to desert plains, woodland forest to life-giving rivers, over 17% of the country is devoted to protected wildlife reserves. It’s little wonder then that two of the world’s heavyweight safari spots, Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta thrive within its borders

If you’re visiting this part of Africa, the only problem you’ll have is knowing which of the two to choose for your next holiday! This is exactly why we’ve put these two parks head to head in an epic ‘safari battle’.

Are you ready to rumble…?